SEO is getting much harder

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is getting much harder not just for full time professionals but also definitely for normal business owners who don’t know much about SEO to begin with. I’m working on a very complicated SEO project for a website that has about 12,000+ bad links that I have to remove. When I check the bad links using Link Detox it returns a result of 350+ very toxic links and about 12,000+ suspicious links.

My first reaction is I have to remove the 350+ links from Link Detox. And I did just that. I went in and manually change the settings from “PAGE” to “DOMAIN” one by one. This is no easy task when you’re dealing with thousands of back links. That’s why I get paid handsomely because not a lot of people know how to do this.

So, I went in and checked all the links manually and I found out not all links that were marked as “DEADLY” or “HIGHLY TOXIC” by Link Detox were so obvious from the surface.

Hire A Capable SEO Guy Because SEO Is Getting Much Harder

For example, this business directory or this article directory.  From the surface, they are GREAT sites to link to. They have page rank 4 and 3 respectively. But Link Detox says they are very bad links. Some of the links that were marked as very dangerous were from Press Releases websites like this. Wow! How can you know that’s a bad link? SEO has changed so much in the last several months.

The last time Google rolled out their PR update (around last week of December last year) it was BRUTAL! Even my credit card company’s website got banned. I’m watching them very closely now if they’re going under or not.

So I have a dilemma. My client’s site is a PR 3 website. I believe we have a PR 3 because of links like the above. After all, Link Detox says they cannot guarantee the accuracy of their tool. Yes, they help discover many, many bad links but we still have to review them manually.

But I decide to just file for site-wide reconsideration to Google using their webmaster tools. I disavow all those links even if they look great from the surface. I think with the new link building campaign that we have now, we still get to keep our Page Rank when it gets updated months later. After all, Google Page Rank are being considered irrelevant anyway by most SEO professionals I know.


Slideshare Presentation For SEO

If you haven’t heard about you should probably go there and create an account because Slideshare profile page is very search engine friendly. Slideshare is one of the few online profiles that won’t get banned by Google.

Create Presentation Regularly To Get Clients and Better SEO Ranking

Slideshare is a great medium to showcase your power point presentations. In addition to being super search engine friendly, your power point presentations might very well be your automated sales people. Repurpose your articles and turn them into power point presentations like I did here for my New York Helicopter Tour client. As you can see on that page, at the time of writing it has a Page Rank of 8.

Another idea is: compile all of your excellent reviews from happy customers and create power point out of it and post it on Slideshare. Another good thing about Slideshare presentations is they are embed-able. It means just about anybody can share your presentations on their websites, which is why it is great for your sales and marketing effort because you can get more visitors back to your main site.

If you need ideas on how to use Slideshare to promote your business, there’s an article by Hubspot that’s helpful.

In conclusion, you must utilize Slideshare in your online marketing effort if you’re a small business because they are big and they have a lot of traffic. Slideshare is also a great place to create a level 1 link wheel because it will not get banned by Google. Upload informative presentations to your Slideshare account regularly and share them everywhere, particularly LinkedIn. Slideshare is not only great for SEO but it’s also a great sales and marketing tool to get leads and clients.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to leave a message.

Optimize Your Review Pages

Optimizing your review pages is a great way to get clients. If you’re a local business, chances are you already have review pages on yelp, tripadvisor, google plus, and many others. You must take advantage of these review pages because they are already search engine optimized. If you’re a business owner, you must claim these pages and add your website url on every one of them.

The reason is because these pages will not get banned by Google. So you must place your website’s URL on your review pages. Then, after you place your URL, go ahead and optimize them so they rank highly on Google search.  Let’s see one of my SEO case studies.

These are examples of review pages you must optimize:

Helicopter Tour New York City — this is a page from tripadvisor. As you can see, it has Page Rank of 7 when I write this blog. I will guarantee, it will NOT go down less than PR7. So again, it will not get banned by Google. If you see the above page, the title is very search engine optimized for your business. So it’s very easy to rank them high on Google.

Another example of a review page is this: Helicopter Tour NYC Yelp

These pages are great salespeople for your business if you have great reviews of course. You want people to read your business reviews when they search on Google. Let’s face it, most people search reviews on Google before they purchase anything.

So how to optimize these pages? Well, you can do social bookmarking, share them on all of your social media accounts. I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+,  etc. Anything you can think off.

You see, you can be more “out of the line” here because review pages from big sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor will not get banned by Google. So you can do a little bit of shady stuff if you know such things.

Add these review pages to your link wheel to boost their page ranks. Remember, most of your competitions will not have PR7 so these pages should rank higher than their websites.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I’ll be more than happy to respond. Thanks so much for reading my SEO blog.

SEO Link Wheel After Google Updates

SEO and link wheel methodology has changed after the last several Google updates. Basically, Google updates are great for honest SEO people that don’t take illegal shortcuts to optimize websites. Google updates weed out the dishonests from the crop and raise the honest to the top.

What is a link wheel?

A link wheel is a network of websites that you build and control. Because you control these websites you can add your own links on them. Then, you interlink your network of websites in a chain-like setting.

This is another explanation. Let’s say you have an online book store. Your online bookstore is your “MONEY SITE” and you want to optimize your money site using a link wheel methodology.  Here’s what you do.

How To Make An SEO-Friendly Link Wheel

1. Create accounts (usually free) on social media sites. Think about all the biggest social media sites like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest are great for link wheel and SEO. An example will be a Twitter account with a link back to your money site.

2. After you create your accounts on social media, complete your profile and add your money site URL on all of them. These accounts are save from any Google updates. Your Facebook fan page,  Pinterest, Twitter accounts, etc WILL NOT get banned by Google so use these pages to link back to your money site.

3. Then, you create accounts (usually free) on blog sites like,,,,, etc. These accounts used to be great from the get go, I mean, back in the day, blog sites used to be the social media accounts today. Before the latest updates, as soon as your free wordpress account is created, it passes the page rank to your page. But not anymore. Your brand new wordpress, blogspot, tumblr, etc WILL NOT have Page Rank 9 like the main domains do. However, if you optimize these accounts really well, it can do wonder to your SEO. An example will be a wordpress site like this.

4. After you create the blogging accounts, link them all together. Say for example you have 5 blogging site accounts (wordpress, blogspot, tumblr, wix, weebly).

Then you link WordPress to Blogspot (but don’t link Blogspot back to WordPress)

Link Blogspot to Tumblr and your money site (but don’t link Tumblr back to Blogspot)

Link Tumblr to Wix and your money site (but don’t link Wix back to Tumblr)

and link Wix to Weebly and your money site. Do not link weebly back to Wix or back to WordPress because Google can trace your network and punish them all for being a link farm.

You must make the links look as natural as possible and do not leave any trace that they are ALL linking together.

Now, the key point here is, social media accounts DO pass their page ranks from main domain to your pages. So, your Facebook page will have PR 9 with a link back to your money site but blogging sites DO NOT pass their page rank to your page.

Thanks for reading my blog post about Link Wheel and SEO. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I’d be more than happy to respond.

Helicopter Tour New York City

So I’m trying to optimize this blog for keyword: Helicopter Tour New York City. Basically, I will add more content regularly and build links using content that is provided to me.

I will post updates on future posts. Please keep in mind that blog is a brand new blog as of today. I will create a link-wheel to optimize that wordpress blog and the main website.

From now on, all work will be tagged SEO Case Studies.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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